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In another corner, clowns and face painters entertain the children so their parents can rest or sort through donated clothes in hope of finding something that will fit them. “There are more volunteers than victims because everyone wants to help,” said Villar. “Mexico has united and we won’t stop while people are suffering because we feel their pain too.” Therapists and psychologists offer their support to families whose houses were damaged during the quake and cannot return home, in Mexico City on Friday. Photograph: Alfredo Estrella/AFP/Getty Images The civic response to the earthquake – the second to hit the country within two weeks – has been extraordinary. As soon as the earth stopped trembling on Tuesday, people sprang into action to shift debris with their bare hands and carry the injured to safety. By the following day, ordinary ชุดเครื่องนอน jessica Mexicans had created a vast recovery operation to fill every imaginable gap in the official response. Donation sites were set up to receive, organise and deliver essential supplies of food, water, medicines, bedding, clothes and tools to rescue sites and shelters. In many cases, search and rescue operations continued throughout the night thanks to lamps, batteries and petrol donated by members of the public. The huge army of volunteers established spontaneous networks, using cars, trucks, motorcycles and bikes to access even the most isolated zones not yet reached by authorities.

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Dont believe it; dogs can get fleas at a kennel

By the way, my dog had a flea preventative applied about two weeks before his kennel stay. Needless to say, I won’t be boarding my dog there again and not because of my dog getting fleas, but because of the lack of responsibility the kennel owner took. Fleas don’t generally leave a safe, secure host once they find one, but to say that your dog can’t get fleas during a 10-day period in a dog kennel is simply not true. Dogs can get fleas from going practically anywhere — the kennel, the groomer, or just playing outside. Fleas can jump almost 4 feet to find a suitable host for their first blood meal. They may even enter your house by hitching a ride on your clothing or socks. Having said that, it may not have been a flea, but flea eggs that caused the problem here. Flea eggs can drop off the host and get into bedding, carpets or cracks and crevices — warm and humid places — where they can advance through their four-stage life cycle: egg, larval, pupa (cocoon) and adult flea. It can take two weeks to several months to complete the cycle, depending on environmental conditions.

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